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Thai Massage

Why study Thai massage ?

Our teaching foundation comes from two Thai massage masters Chayuth and Pichet of Northern Thailand, as well as the teachings of Asokananda. This makes it a beautiful combination of  Yoga and Thai Massage. You will learn to be a qualified Thai Yoga Massage therapist. Learning this ancient healing art of the East you will give and receive. This will allow you to find the silence inside of you, being present with your touch, giving from the heart. You will learn how to protect yourself with proper body mechanics using correct pressure, alignment and awareness , This is is what makes Thai Yoga Massage unique.

Thai Yoga massage is not just about memorizing a series of exercises, nor about thinking that we can cure someone of their sickness. It is about learning to give from the heart with compassion and to have deep understanding of the other person’s suffering .When we massage, we don’t aim to heal, we aim to help others believe they can and will be healed, the healing process happens all by itself. We are just channels to remind each other of this.

We move away from the principle of “no pain, no gain”. Here we try to break this infamous conditioning of Traditional Thai Massage with the application of certain principles, which allow for a softer, deeper touch and opening. Even if you have studied Thai Yoga Massage elsewhere this is a totally different approach of treating the body.
With the application of rhythmic pressure on certain energetic points and lines (sen) in the body and the yogic stretching of muscles and joint manipulation, blockages can be released and energy can be restored to its natural flow. The massage is usually on a mat on the floor, fully clothed in loose comfortable clothes, without oils .In Thai Massage we use our hands, elbows, knees and feet to find the perfect touch needed for the moment.

Massage Instructor
Learn Traditional Thai Massage without having to go to Thailand

Principles Taught

Posture…where am I? How do I feel? Always questioning if you feel comfortable is the best way know if the receiver is comfortable or not…being open and facing from our center . Protecting the lower back, observe the distance to the body and use straight, locked elbows, no tension in shoulders using little to no muscle power.

Participation…fully engaged in what we are doing, mind and hands are one, heart and hands are one , listening, waiting for the opening and sinking…aware all the time of their reactions & needs being at the present moment.

Hara…energy coming from the naval connected to the earth, grounded and understanding that all movement and stillness comes from this one place…

Gravity...using gravity and body weight not muscular power to go deeper and sink into the body. When we force we have resistance, when we wait, lean and sink we can go deep with grace and we use gravity as our best tool to do this that way we don’t get tired.

Dance -moving between postures, with smooth transitions like a dance. Knowing where you are going next and planning the move with least effort, no jerks or sudden movements, slow and steady.

Touch-fullness of touch , using the whole hand to touch fully , always as if we were touching a newborn baby .With precision, care, love, sensitivity and security to make the baby feel safe. Firm and gentle palms fully engaged fingers relaxed and active.

Fit…finding the perfect fit with our hand, foot, elbow, knee .that wherever we touch and sink into we are molding ourselves together as one. Not hitting on bones, flicking nerves, sliding on muscles. Assessing the gap and filling it accordingly with the most perfect fit.

Prayer-asking for guidance…asking to be guided to where you need to go , holding space and remaining detached and compassionate.

Less is more -understanding that we don’t need to rush through sequences. We simply need to respond to the needs of the moment.